Welcome to UOR Technology
We are a Colorado-based energy resource innovation and services company.  We can help energy companies produce oil and gas from reservoirs that have been difficult to recover.  And we can do it safely, with proven methods and equipment, with reduced impact on the environment, and for select resources we can provide a very high return to investors.  Our Process is called "Underground Oil Recovery" or UOR and represents a "holistic approach" to finding, extracting, and monitizing oil resources from previously difficult or hard to access and recover locations.  We use "Underground Drilling Platforms" that function like offshore drilling platforms to enable production of selected resources.
Using our UOR processes, we can help retrieve stranded oil from shallow depleted oil fields where much of the oil has been left in the formation.   This is called "Gravity Drainage".  For more information click HERE
We can show you how to drill into oil reserves where the surface area and access are restricted.  This unique underground process is called "Extended Reach".  For more information click HERE
Does this interest you or your company ?  If so, we have extensive information in our website describing our unique oil and gas extraction and monitization programs , and we would be glad to talk to you to learn more about your interests and requirements.  Drop us a quick e-mail inquiry HERE and we will respond accordingly.

And from the "Lighter Side" of Life in the Oil Business:
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