The UOR Team

UOR is led by an experienced management team with deep industry knowdledge in the mining and energy exploration and extraction industry, as well as in the management of innovative start-up and entrepreneurial companies:




Providing extensive experience in project planning, design and development. Skilled in task planning, cost estimating/controlling, scheduling, economic analysis, forecasting, and monitoring. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with project teams and all levels of management.


 KEY SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: more than 25 years project management, cost estimating and mine engineering experience including:

  • Planning, development and supervision of projects and project teams;
  • Project planning, scheduling, cost estimating and economic analysis;
  • Forecasting, monitoring, and control of costs and schedules;
  • Supervision of underground mine operations;
  • Selection and field testing of mining equipment;
  • Marketing and business development of engineering and construction services;
  • Business development and new product development;
  • Preparation and execution of marketing and sales presentations; and
  • Excellent written, oral and interpersonal skills.


During my career, I have spent over fifteen years in planning and implementing projects that use mining processes to produce petroleum (Underground Oil Recovery – UOR; also called Mine Assisted Petroleum Development – MAPD, or Oil Mining). Included in this category are projects using UOR for light oil, natural gas, oil shale, and heavy oil recovery. Many of these programs developed or used innovative processes that relied on creativity and vision to understand how new processes could be efficiently utilized to achieve practical results.

I started a new company that will use the skills and unique expertise in this field I have developed over the years to build an innovation-driven, oil development venture. My accomplishments in this endeavor have included:

  • Developed a business plan for a technology development company plus a project execution company to use the UOR processes to produce oil that is difficult to recover with conventional oil recovery processes.
  • Negotiated an agreement with Bechtel transferring rights to patentable process improvements to me and another Bechtel employee who developed these improvements, and then negotiated an agreement with that employee that allows me exclusive rights to start an oil service company based on the improved technology.
  • Developed conceptual plans for two oil fields and a natural gas deposit and have used these plans to attract funding.
  • Prepared promotional material that I have presented to individuals and groups to attract funds to this company.

My prior experience has included three major UOR programs and several smaller assignments that were conducted as a part of my overall responsibilities:

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