Denver Mining Club Presentation:

"Innovative Energy Solutions Done Right"


This is a two-part video presentation  I gave to the Denver Mininig Club in July 2017.  The first video below is appoximately 24 minutes in length and the second video is about 12 minutes to cover my approximate 36 minute presentation.  The camera angle on these videos was shot at "table level" and shooting up to me and then at the projection screen.  For a detailed view of my PowerPoint Presentation click the Thumbnail image at the right for a full view.

Part 1: Why Consider Underground Oil Production?

  • Current surface production is not always efficient
    • Typical oil field recovery only 30-40%
    • (Some less than 20%)
  • Recovery is limited by number of wells
  • Secondary/Tertiary Recovery is Expensive



Part II: Initial Targets: Resources Not Producing from Surface

  • Abandoned oil fields
  • Low surface production rates
  • Uncontrollable reservoirsHeavy oil
    • Problem oil fields
  • Tight reservoirs
  • Structural complexitiesEnvironmental restrictions
    • Inaccessible oil fields
  • Urban development
  • Estimated 50 to 80 billion barrel resource in the USA



Conclusions:  Why Oil Companies Don’t Develop UOR

  • Underground construction not understood
  • Mining and petroleum engineers don’t usually work together and communicate well
  • Perceived risk, high initial cost
  • Resource potential not well known
  • Oil companies did not own the target resources
  • Not invented here -cannot control technology
  • Don’t want to invest in process development
  • Oil companies want to hire service companies –it is how they normally do business


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